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Se Chung

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Se Chung

Se Chung is a rare tea from the province of Fujian in China.

Its slightly rolled, dark green leaf is commonly seen between different oolong varieties. It can best be described as half fermented tea, being between green and black tea in taste, as well as colour and scent.

The tea leafs are dried under the sun and by oxidation (exposure to air) the leaves get an intense dark to brown colour with dark green highlights. They are then wrapped into small beads, packed into large bags and sent to us.

This tea has a soft taste and has by nature the characteristics of both black and green tea. It has a fine toasted aroma with a light nutty, very strong and intense woody taste in a golden brown brew-colour.

It is the perfect pleasure for the lover of the powerful, complex and exceptional tea taste.

100 grams of loose tea (12.95€ / 100g)

Volume varies - open Teazas tins with a gentle turn


2 Tb             90°C             2 Minutes


To brew the perfect cup of tea, use 2 tablespoons for 1 litre of water (90°C) and let the flavour unfold itself for about 2 minutes


China 1

Province Fujian, China

Ingredients: Oolong tea

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